Although she is not physically beside her colleagues and misses the in-person contact, Category Manager Food Netherlands Bernieke Roetert feels as much a part of PepsiCo as ever.

‘The Sunday before working from home kicked in, I found a small table on the street. We brought it inside, gave it a lick of paint and, hey presto- we had a second workspace. A couple of books under the legs made it ergonomic, too. Healthwise, I am fine and so is everyone around me. Touch wood! I have a wonderful balcony and a dog to take for a walk. I have no children running around, so I think I have it easy compared to colleagues who have children at home asking for attention.

I do miss the office buzz as well as those moments of celebration whenever we successfully finish a project or hit certain team milestones. Luckily, PepsiCo organised fun virtual initiatives to keep us all connected such as virtual yoga and fitness sessions, Zoom disco bingo and even a pub quiz!

In terms of work, I recently transitioned into a new role of Category Manager Food Netherlands. Most of the handover and settling-in period had to been done digitally, which definitely was a challenge. But it urged me to become more structured and figure out upfront which questions I wanted to ask. That’s a new skill I’m developing, so the current circumstances are actually helping me to focus and get things done in a faster and more efficient way.

In fact, one thing I see in myself and those around me, is that all of us have become more resilient, improving on certain processes to become more efficient and faster, and we definitely remember to celebrate even the small wins – even now that everything is different.’